Dr. S. Don Kim's Wellness
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Dr. S. Don Kim’s Wellness: Get you back on your feet physically, mentally and spiritually

For nearly two decades, Dr. Kim has been an innovator in the health, nutrition, and fitness fields. In his books and seminars Dr. Kim reveals that the body has all the power to heal itself, to reverse aging, and to lose weight naturally; given the proper environment, not prescription drugs or crash diets.

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1 Minute Wellness

Kim Foot & Ankle Centers

The doctors at Kim Foot & Ankle Centers approach podiatry in a unique way. Our first priority is to get you back on your feet as naturally as possible. Most of the time a holistic approach works best in treating foot and ankle problems with the added goal of improving our patients’ overall health.

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1 Minute Wellness

Wellness Tips

When work, home and family come first we often forget to take care of ourselves. The daily message is a reminder to take just a minute every day to focus on your own health and wellness. You have the power to transform your life and be a healthier, happier you. You can form new health habits by making small painless changes, one day, one hour, and one minute at a time.

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9 Secrets Book Series

The first book in the series referenced over 150 books and  contains 500 citations. It reveals nine secrets of physical, mental and spiritual health. With  over 120 illustrations, this easy-to-read book will guide you through the secrets to unlocking all your power.  You will be tempted to read it in one sitting!.

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9 Week

Transformational Seminars

Transformation of your mind, body and spirit happens with support.  Our seminars give you the inspiration you need to make changes in your life.  Many succeeded in making over their health, success, career, business, finance, and relationships.

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WE-LogoWellness Coaching

You are invited to this Elite Coaching Program to become a Wellness Evangelist by me, the first Wellness Evangelist. This is a year long personal coaching program that I designed to transform all aspects of your life by becoming a Wellness Evangelist.

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